Single Door Roll-In Rack Proofers

  • Single Door Roll-In Rack Proofers

The BakerSeries® line of roll-in single door proofers is constructed using 2" thick foam injected stainless steel walls, ceiling panels and door that come together to ensure that your energy dollars stay inside the box. All models are equipped with heavy-duty welded stainless steel door hinges to prevent door sagging.

The air-wash "Climatizer" system does not use emersion elements or a boiling pot, so there’s no need for float switches and no guess work when it comes to humidity levels. The easy-to-use controls are mounted conveniently in the door of the bread proofing box at eye level and use large LED displays for time, temperature and humidity so your operators can keep track of every step of the proofing operation.

Construction Features

  • Heavy duty stainless steel exterior with 300 Series stainless steel interior and aluminized top
  • Walls Ceilings and door are foam insulated
  • Modular wall and ceiling panels with cam lock construction
  • Rapid responding air-wash heat and humidity system
  • 208/240 VAC single or 3-phase power, field convertible

Controls Features

  • All digital controls mounted in the door at eye-level
  • PID Type controls for rapid accurate response without overshoot
  • Digital set Temperature, Humidity, Time
  • Installed in the door at eye-level
  • Large LED displays

Performance Features

  • PID Controlled heat and humidity system
  • 70 - 120 Degree F proofing range
  • 50 - 99% humidity range
  • Non-submerged calrod type heaters
  • Interior bumpers protect interior walls from damage
  • Lighted interior

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