When you think of going to fancy restaurant, you may think of the great wine they have on the menu or the craft beer that they brew in town. But, to set your bakery or restaurant apart from the competition; having great bread is key – whether it is for a nice Panini, breadsticks or loaf to be split at the table. Nowadays, many restauranteurs are trying to please their customers by offering gourmet styles and flavors of bread. Here are just a few of our favorite bread trends you may want to offer your bakery or restaurant customers.

Artisan Breads

Artisan bread generally has an open cell structure, thick crust and intense flavor. Like an artist’s painting, each roll is different from the others. Think brioche, ciabatta and croissants.


These seem to be all the rage now. Fast food and upscale dining establishments alike are putting their own spin on flatbread recipes, fine tuning their flavors to what they think customers will enjoy most.

Focacciahomemade focaccia

Never heard of this type of bread before? It is a large, flat round of bread brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and sometimes spiked with rosemary. Often used to make Paninis, it is an absolutely delicious option to offer – trust us!

Whole Grains

If you are looking for a healthier bread to please your customer’s palettes, whole grain bread is a great option. Flavorful and hearty, whole grain bread is often topped with seeds and has a delicious, filling texture to it.


Draw your customers in with the offer of limited time bread that is only available seasonally. You can have sweet flavors like pumpkin in the fall and zucchini in the summer, when these ingredients are available fresh from the market.


There are so many wonderful breads that can be made in your bakery or restaurant. For help starting or maximizing your bread program, talk to the Artisan Bread Experts at Empire Bakery Equipment today. From spiral mixers to stone hearth deck ovens and everything in between, Empire has the equipment and experience to help you succeed.


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