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  1. Baking Benefits Beyond Taste Buds

    Baking Benefits Beyond Taste Buds

    If you’re a baker at heart, you know that the benefits you get from baking are more than just the pile of cookies in your kitchen when you’re finished. How you feel after baking is likely how people feel that love working out, creating artwork, doing sewing projects, and so forth. Many people enjoy hobbies because they have a good...

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  2. Importance of Replacing Older Equipment

    Importance of Replacing Older Equipment

    Even the bakery industry is often being improved due to innovations and advances in technology. While the beloved bakery equipment that you’ve had for decades might hold sentimental value, it is likely costing you in efficiency, energy, and cold hard cash. Using old and out of date bakery equipment will result in missed opportunities in efficiency gains and cost reduction...

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  3. Equipment You Need To Open a Bakery

    Equipment You Need To Open a Bakery

    Does the idea of opening a bakery sound incredibly delicious to you, but you just don’t know where to start? Well with a bit of help from Empire Bakery, you can get all of the tools and equipment that you need to start baking bread and doughnuts in no time at all. Take a read below for some of the...

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  4. Bakery Equipment Maintenance

    Bakery Equipment Maintenance

    The equipment you use in your bakery is just as important as the ingredients you use in your bakery, which is why maintaining your bakery equipment is vital. By keeping your bakery equipment maintained, your equipment will last longer and function better. There are some simple ways to protect the longevity of your baking equipment to help save you dollars...

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  5. The Not-Just-For-Breakfast Treat: All about Bagels

    The Not-Just-For-Breakfast Treat: All about Bagels

    These days, bagels can be found almost anywhere. But where and when was the bagel first created? Bagels were first seen in the Jewish communities of Poland in the 16th and 17th centuries. In fact, according to Wikipedia, the first mention of the bagel was in 1610, in the Jewish community within Krakow, Poland. Today, bagels are commonplace throughout North...

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  6. Get Your Bakery Ready for the Holiday Season

    Get Your Bakery Ready for the Holiday Season

    As Christmas draw near, bakeries across the country will begin experiencing a holiday rush with orders for pies, breads, cookies and pastries coming in high numbers. Is your bakery ready to take on the extra orders? Whether you need a new oven, dough mixer or cookie depositor to help increase production, Empire Bakery Equipment has the equipment you need. Holiday...

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  7. Experience the Baking Revolution

    Experience the Baking Revolution

    We have exciting news to announce here at Empire Bakery Equipment!  Our newly redesigned Revolving Tray Oven is taking the industry by storm! The new Empire LC Revolving Tray Oven is ideal for pizzas, breads, pastries, bagels and everything in between.  Solid design, robust capacity and keen aesthetics work in harmony to create a product that can only be described...

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  8. The MecaMATIC™  Vapor Tube Tunnel Oven

    The MecaMATIC™ Vapor Tube Tunnel Oven

    The use of multi-deck tunnel ovens, including the new MecaMATIC™ Commercial Vapor Oven, has helped to transform the wholesale bakery industry, allowing production capacities to increase far beyond what’s possible with traditional tunnel ovens. Perfect for facilities where space is limited, this multi-deck oven, which is available in three- or four-deck models, can allow your business to operate at a...

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  9. Getting In the Mix: A Look at Mixers

    Getting In the Mix: A Look at Mixers

    Every bakery’s needs are as unique as the delicious products that they make. In some kitchens, a small mixer works best for the many diverse products that are made each day. Other bakeries may have a few customer favorites that are always flying off the shelves, making a large mixer the best option to keep products fresh throughout the day...

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  10. Save on Energy Costs by Updating Your Equipment

    Save on Energy Costs by Updating Your Equipment

    With energy costs always in the back of the mind of every baker’s mind, many businesses are looking for ways to save money on their gas and electric expenses each month. One option is to look into new, energy-efficient appliances that are built to use less energy and operate more effectively than traditional kitchen appliances. Ovens are one of the...

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