Wedding season is right around the corner and it’s time for bakeries to start preparing wedding cake options.

In spring and summer months, many couples will stop in and ask what wedding cake options you have, and will likely request samplings as well.

It’s vital that you prepare for wedding season and bring in as much business as possible by offering popular wedding cake options to brides and grooms.

Naked Cakes

In 2017, one major cake trend is the “naked cake.” Naked cakes are essentially cakes without an extra outer layer of fondant. Instead of slathering on butter cream or rolling on fondant, couples are choosing more natural looking cakes. These cakes have icing but it’s typically only between the layers of cake, exposing the majority of the cake. Many people also choose to decorate these with fresh ingredients such as fresh flowers or fruit.

Classic Cake

Many couples are returning to the basics when it comes to wedding cakes. Some brides and grooms are going with simple, tiered cakes that fit into a “traditional” wedding theme which was popular for decades. It’s important to offer tiers in many shapes and sizes, and allow couples to customize the color of the cake although many couples are sticking with all white.


Although some people are sticking with tradition, many couples are looking to do the opposite. Instead of a wedding cake, many couples are keeping it more casual with wedding cupcakes. Cupcakes have recently been replacing wedding cakes, and it’s important that you offer them to couples. Cupcakes are easy to serve at a reception and can also be used to make a beautiful display.


Although many people do stick with vanilla or chocolate, it’s important to offer a variety of intriguing flavors to reel couples in. The “standard” flavors typically include chocolate, vanilla, marble, and red velvet. Offer couples some fun flavors as well at tastings, which can easily set your bakery apart. Consider offering carrot, coconut, lemon, or lavender options.

Couples that are planning a wedding have so much to worry about; make choosing the cake a piece of cake.

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