Local farmer’s markets can often be an overlooked and underrated summer event for bakeries.

Farmer’s markets are a great opportunity to showcase your delectable baked goods and feel out the neighborhood market.

Your local farmer’s markets are terrific opportunities to attract potential customers. Here are three simple tips that will enhance your chances of a positive selling experience.

Let the Weather Guide You

You should be preparing large quantities of blueberry tarts in July, but you should be avoiding the buttercream cupcakes when temperatures are reaching 90 and above. Focus on fruit themed desserts in summer months that are light and easy to preserve. As it gets closer to fall, carry the standard fall flavors such as cinnamon, apple, and pumpkin. You should cater to seasonal trends and don’t be afraid to offer the “basics” at a fair price, which is what many people are searching for.

Offer Free Items

It’s important to offer some “freebies” in order to get people to approach your table. Offer free tastes of things, business cards, pens, anything that might get people talking with you.  You can talk with people your products and business, and offering a sample. Although some might think of this as a “waste” of product, it can actually be a cost-effective method to build a customer base. Distributing business cards or other branded items will help get your business out there, and samples will help reel people in.

Create a Visual Display

If possible, rent a tent to provide shade to patrons while walking through the market. Take advantage of the space you are given and make sure to arrange products in an eye-catching display. For example, if you do bring cupcakes along, display them within glass with cute, festive signs labeling each product. Don’t overcrowd your booth where people are hesitant to walk in, leave enough space for customers. If a booth looks crowded, people will likely move along. Details matter, make sure that you serve up your goods in aesthetically appealing packages.

In addition to making a profit, your main purpose when attending a farmer’s market as a bakery is to generate enthusiasm and build a customer base.

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