Who doesn’t love warm chocolate chip cookies? We have all grown to enjoy them, but have you ever thought about how they first came about?

Let us give you a quick rundown on the history of everyone’s favorite cookie:


The creator of the chocolate chip cookie was Ruth Wakefield, without her the world might not have ever tasted such a sweet delight. Wakefield ran the popular Toll House restaurant in Massachusetts with her husband from 1930 to 1967. In the late nineteen-thirties she created the Toll House Chocolate Cookie.

How did this sweet treat happen?

Wakefield developed the chocolate chip cookie by experimenting, talent and hard work. She had no idea that her butter, flour, sugar, nuts and chocolate would go on to become such an iconic American food.

What happened next?

The popular treat that won over everyone’s hearts and was reproducing itself in unexpected ways. There came the Chipwich, the Taste of Nature Cookie Dough Bite, and the Pookie, a pie coated with chocolate chip cookie dough. By 1991, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough replaced Heath Bar Crunch as the company’s bestselling product.

There are now hundreds of chocolate chip cookie recipes and the beauty of it is that there are many substitutes. You can make cookies with shortening, margarine or butter, you can make big or small cookies, you can use walnuts, M & M’s or pecans, and you can add an extra egg or use more or less sugar. It doesn’t matter. Whatever creation you make, it will still be recognizable as a chocolate chip cookie and it will most likely taste amazing.

Now that you know some of the history behind the chocolate chip cookie, you should go make some from scratch! Empire Bakery Equipment can help provide you with quality baking equipment and advice.