As essential businesses continue to find their footing while we navigate the current pandemic, more and more bakeries and food establishments are offering delivery services for the first time in order to keep their business operating.  If your bakery is new to offering delivery or looking to make the transition, here are some tips and strategies you can use to ensure your delivery services are successful.

What Type of Delivery is Right for Me?

  • Self-Delivery
    This simply means do it yourself; in house. The good thing about self-delivery is that you are in control over the quality of the product being delivered, the hours of delivery and the radius at which you choose to offer delivery. You also do not have to worry about the high commission that often comes with a third-party vendor. The only downside is having to dedicate a member of staff or hire a person or persons to deliver for your bakery.
  • Third-Party Delivery
    Third-party delivery options include partnering with a company like GrubHub or Door Dash to help deliver your food. It may sometimes be a challenge paying the high commissions to a delivery company. However, if those commissions still do not outweigh the cost of labor hiring in-house, then a third-party delivery company can help make this service a breeze.

Be Sure to Get the Word Out

Once you decide to offer delivery services, it is time to inform your customers. A few ways to get the word out include:

  • Update the home page of your website and let everyone know you are now offering delivery and curbside pickup.
  • Spread the word on social media. Let your loyal customers and social followers know they can still get their favorite baked goods.
  • Change your information on Google Business Listing and Yelp to reflect that your business now offers delivery.
  • Send out an email blast to your customer lists (if applicable). Announce you now offer delivery with a link to your menu online.
  • Put up signage in your storefront so customers passing by can see the news of newly offered delivery services.




Delivery Tips

Your customers are informed and you are ready to start delivering. To make your delivery experience as efficient and successful as possible, here are some tips that can help you out.

  • Keep it simple. Customers who order delivery statistically tend to choose from the top of the menu. Keep your popular, high-value items at the top of your online menu.
  • Evaluate your prices. Keep in mind that during this time customers are price conscious more than ever. If possible, avoid raising your prices too high.
  • Consider minimizing your menu options. This will help you reduce inventory and remove complex items that may be harder to produce with a reduced bakery staff.
  • Practice contact-free delivery. Coordinate with the customer where the food should be set down to reduce any person-to-person contact.
  • If the customer wants to pick up an order, take their car information down and deliver the order to their vehicle in the parking lot or curbside.




Find Creative Ways to Stand Out

As more places have begun offering delivery and takeout services, they have created more competition during these difficult times. Finding creative ways to stand out can help drive more revenue to your bakery.

  • Offer meal kits. Offer high-quality prepared ingredients in meal kits for the customer to prepare with families at home. For example, your delicious pizza dough, with sauce, cheese and a variety of toppings.
  • Family-style meals. Consider creating large family-style meals that customers can order to feed their entire family. This is a great alternative meal option for people to choose from and could be a great option for extra revenue.
  • If possible, offer simple grocery items. Some bakeries that have access to a good supply of basic grocery ingredients are offering these items to customers since grocery stores are sometimes struggling to keep up with demand. Think of items you can get from a distributor such as flour, milk, eggs and more!

We hope this information helps your new venture into delivery be a smooth and successful one. Empire continues to stand with bakeries and restaurants all over the country, providing them with any service or equipment needs they may have to ensure their continued operation.

Together we will get through this trying time and be stronger than ever! Stay Safe, Stay STRONG, Stay Healthy!


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