Many bakeries are continuing to find the best way to operate under the “new normal” that COVID-19 has forced them into. Finding ways to prioritize valuable time and save on costs is more important than ever for these bakeries to stay successful through the difficult times we find ourselves in.

Now is the time to focus on what popular items you can make at a low cost, with minimal waste and time. Put more complex recipes to the side for now and limit extravagant decorating to stick with the staples that sell well and remind customers of the traditional comfort they’re looking for in trying times. You will keep your costs lower and appeal to a broader audience. Here are some examples of popular baked goods that you can make in large quantities and little cost and labor.

French Bread/Baguettes

There is no denying that bread is at an all-time high in popularity during this quarantine. Baguettes are great to bake during these times due to their versatility of use and relatively easy baking process. People are using baguettes for sandwiches, garlic bread, and crostini and adding this to your COVID-19 menus could be a huge hit. In order to automate the baguette baking process, Empire has a variety of machines that could boost production without having to increase labor. Empire’s FBM French Bread Moulder can consistently form 1,200 French bread loaves per hour. The FBM sheets through a series of three rollers and the progressive extension of the loaf is accomplished between two conveyor belts running in the opposite direction at varying speeds, giving you a perfectly formed baguette each time.

health-conscious baked goodsCookies

People have not lost their sweet tooth during quarantine. Sweets and pastries are the comfort food customers need during these difficult times, and cookies are easy to make in large quantities. We have seen some bakeries selling more cookies they can physically keep up with, and luckily Empire has a solution to help increase cookie production without sacrificing quality or consistency. Empire’s line of commercial cookie depositors adds speed and efficiency to your production. The Suprema Cookie Depositor features a 200-recipe memory capacity with the ability to produce 180 trays of consistent, high-quality cookies per hour.


We have noticed a bit of a bagel boom during quarantine. People have not abandoned their weekend bagel routine and now that people are home most mornings, the weekend bagel routine has turned into an all weeklong routine. We have also noticed bakeries who did not previously offer bagels, start making them for their customers. The reason for this is due to the popularity and relatively easy baking process for bagel production. For those looking to beef up bagel production, or maybe start producing bagels for the first time, Empire offers reliable bagel equipment for consistent and perfectly shaped bagels. Empire’s Single Bank Bagel Machine is the most effective, quickest and easiest to manage bagel system on the market today. This bagel divider/former is capable of producing 3,600 consistent bagels per hour. From there, you can take these bagels to the Empire Bagel Kettle & Hood, capable of boiling up to 4,000 bagels per hour. Made from the highest quality material and components, the Bagel Kettle & Hood will help your bakery create delicious bagels for customers to enjoy during these trying times.