On December 22nd, former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law a bill that will prohibit the combustion of substances with certain emissions profiles in city buildings. This means that beginning in December 2023, new buildings and businesses erected within the city limits will not be allowed to install gas stoves, ovens, boilers, etc. This new law will prominently affect the bakery industry and we will see a heavy shift to electric equipment.

For those looking to open up a bakery in NYC this upcoming year, luckily you have plenty of high-quality electric options to fill your oven needs. Empire offers a variety of Electric Deck Ovens that will provide your bakery with a consistent artisan-quality bake. On top of deck ovens, Empire offers Electric Rack Oven and Convection Ovens as well.

Empire’s Electric Deck Ovens allow you to minimize your energy consumption, are good for the environment and provide the perfect artisan bake every time. With no expensive burners venting or fuel supply lines to worry about, installation is simple and maintenance is a snap.  Empire’s Electric Deck Ovens are the perfect solution for new bakeries in NYC where gas equipment is now banned. Natural gas ban aside, these ovens are perfect for any bakery looking to turn to cleaner energy use and save money on their bill!

Don’t let the electric power fool you, these ovens are powerful! Even with lower energy consumption, these ovens have superior deck insulation that ensures maximum heat retention. There can sometimes be a stigma associated with electric ovens that they do not perform as well as gas and they lack the power to produce artisan-quality bread. We can assure you that this is not the case with our Electric Deck Ovens.

The electric options do not stop at deck ovens. For those bakeries looking to produce pastries, cookies, cakes and more, Empire offers Electric Rack Ovens and Electric Convection Ovens as well! Perfectly suited for everything from bagels and breads to pastries and cakes, Empire Electric Rack Ovens incorporate the latest design principles for great baking, safety and long-lasting reliability. We offer a variety of sizes and production capacities to meet the needs of any bakery. From Compact Rack Ovens to Double Rack Ovens, your bakery will be well equipped with a high-quality Electric Rack Oven that will produce an amazing product and meet the requirement of NYC laws.

The NYC bakery scene is changing in the coming year, but with any challenge comes a helpful solution and Empire is here with the solution for you. To stay in compliance with the new NYC laws or to just start saving on your energy bills, Empire has the Electric Bakery Equipment to help you succeed!