Bakeries know all too well that around this time of year, cookie demand is through the roof! With limited staff and an increase in orders to fill, some bakeries are either overworking or turning down profits during the holiday rush. If this sounds like your bakery, then you may need to automate your cookie production. In this article, we will discuss how you can be better prepared, more efficient and most of all more profitable next time around!

Automating your cookie production has a variety of benefits for a bakery. Whether cookies are your specialty or you are looking to ad them to your menu, automation will take you from exhausted to efficient! Empire Bakery Equipment offers a variety of cookie depositor machines that will allow you to take your bakery to the next level and handle the holiday demand with ease!

Empire's Line of Cookie Depositors

For smaller bakeries who think they do not have room for a cookie machine, Empire offers a tabletop cookie depositor capable of producing 2-3 trays of cookies per minute. The Babydrop Cookie Depositor can be placed on a bakery counter and stored away when not in use, so limited floor space in smaller bakeries is not compromised. The output of this machine will surely help you speed up production without having to sacrifice quality and consistency.

If you are a larger bakery looking to crank up your cookie production for the holiday rush or just looking for a more efficient way to produce a variety of cookies, Empire offers the Suprema and MAXIDROP Cookie Depositors. With the Suprema capable of 3-5 trays per minute and the MAXIDROP pumping out 4-7 trays per minute, these cookie dough machines will make more cookies more easily. Aside from increasing your cookie output, you are also saving on labor costs as each machine can be operated by just one person.

The Suprema cookie machine automates cookie production.

These cookie machines are not just a one-trick pony. They flaunt extreme versatility that allows one machine to produce a variety of different cookie types. From chocolate chip cookies to macarons, Empire Cookie Depositors offer virtually endless possibilities. And with their touchscreen control panel with a 200-recipe memory capacity, maximum cookie production is ready at the touch of a button!

So remember, if you are struggling this holiday season, now is the time to better prepare for the next holiday rush and equip your bakery with cookie depositors.