Baking is a labor of love. We see it all the time in bakeries and even larger wholesale facilities. A flurry of hands dividing, rounding and sheeting dough as it comes out of the mixer. Whether it is one person or a  line of bakers, manual dough production is a laborious and time-consuming process. As technological advancements are made in the industry, more and more bakeries are turning to automated production for a variety of reasons. Empire offers a line of dough production equipment for bakeries of all sizes to help finally give their hands a rest, increase production and save money on labor.

Here is why you should make the jump from manual to automated dough production and the proper equipment that will take your bakery to the next level.

Consistency: Dough production equipment takes human error out of the production process and ensures maximum weight and shape consistency. As bakers know, consistency is key and machines like Empire’s Dough Dividers will ensure a bakery is getting consistent dough divisions at the touch of a button.

Efficiency: Dough production machines will maximize your bakery's efficiency. Get your dividing and rounding done faster and in larger quantities in order to meet customer demand and provide your business the ability to increase the amount of product you produce. Empire’s SPA Dough Divider and Rounder takes the process of dividing and rounding and completes it quickly and easily.

Labor-Saving: Automating parts of your dough production process frees up staff to focus on other important aspects of baking such as ensuring the perfect product development, customer service and the fine details that go into a perfect final product. A Baguette Moulder from Empire can produce 1,200 perfectly shaped baguettes in an hour, more than multiple bakers can output manually.

Improve Quality: The state-of-the-art technologies going into today's production equipment allow for total control over humidity and how the dough is handled. Empire currently offers a dough dividing and dough rounding system called the Gravi-Flux that can handle up to 98% hydration without stressing or degassing the dough. The Gravi-Flux automates the wholesale dough production process while ensuring is still has a “handmade” quality finish.

Cost-Effective: Lastly and possibly most importantly, the benefit of saving money is a major benefit of switching to automated dough production equipment. The purchase of dough production equipment will result in cost savings over time and the machines will eventually end up paying for themselves.

Improved product quality, increases in efficiency, cost saving and improved quality and consistency are all a result of entrusting equipment to automate your dough production. Making the switch is an intelligent investment for your bakery now and in the future as well.