The days of battling with yourself on whether you want a cookie, a piece of cake, or that doughnut sitting in the break room at work, are now over. As we start seeing more trends around the focus on mental health and wellness, consumers have significantly changed the way they think about sweet goods. It is now more acceptable to indulge in a moment of confectionary happiness. This is great news for bakeries. Most bakers have noticed the uptick in demand for their sweet treats and have even adapted their menu items based on the latest trends in consumers' cravings.

Research conducted by Dawn Foods says that 72% of global consumers plan to continue making sweet baked goods a regular part of their routine moving forward. Now what does this mean for bakeries when an overwhelming percentage of Americans are making it a point to get their fix on sweets? Well, it means demand will be high which is a great thing. The downside is production will also need to be high and if a bakery is not keeping up with production, they could be losing out on a sizeable profit.

Another challenge bakeries may run into is keeping the attention of the consumer and encouraging their cravings. As consumers start to make indulging in sweets a regular occurrence, they may start to grow tired of the same types of products over and over. To keep their interests peaked, bakeries will need to get creative in their offerings and start providing a wider range of options for consumers to choose from. Whether offering limited-time flavors, season options or twists on old classics, having this type of variety will keep the consumer coming back for more and checking out what's new on the menu.

You may be thinking, how are these bakeries supposed to keep up with demand and also offer variety at the same time? It sounds like you would need to hire some help to cover all of these changes. Luckily, Empire offers machines that can speed up and streamline production and are capable of producing a wide variety of treats. Cookie Depositors from Empire has been a saving grace for busy bakeries for years. Talk to any baker who owns one and you usually hear the phrases “live-saver” and “best purchase” being thrown around.

Empire’s Cookie Depositors are capable of producing 3-7 trays of cookies per minute while maintaining the highest quality and consistency. They can also deposit cake batter into sheet trays, dispense cupcake batter into tins and top them with icing as well. The versatility of our depositors makes them an extremely valuable tool to a busy bakery. They allow you to increase your production without also having to increase your labor costs and do so with quality and consistency.

With the current trends of sweets being in demand, and the need for bakers to start increasing not only production but variety, cookie depositors are more valuable to a bakery than ever before. These highly efficient machines will quickly start to pay for themselves as you sell more cookies than you were able to keep up with manually. Gone are the days of guilt, and gone are the days of manually hand-piping your cookies.