Modern technology has taken significant strides in the bakery industry over the years. Today’s advancements in technology have intertwined with traditional baking methods, allowing businesses to produce old-world artisan-quality breads with efficiency and consistency. Part of those advancements in technology is the energy efficiency that today’s ovens offer. Empire’s line of artisan deck ovens offer features that lead to tremendous energy efficiency. Here’s a look at some of the features these ovens offer that allow bakeries to not only make quality products but save money doing it!

Vapor Tube Technology

Empire Deck Ovens feature state-of-the-art Vapor Tube Technology. What does vapor tube technology mean? This means that one single burner heats water inside of pressurized tubes and turns that water into vapor. That vapor is then circulated through the tubes and provides an even, radiant heat throughout the baking chamber. As the heat is transferred, the vapor becomes water and the process begins again. This technology allows the entire oven to be heated with a single burner system as opposed to the multiple burner system that other ovens utilize.

Insulated Design

Another factor that translates to better energy efficiency is the oven's superior insulated design. Ovens that boast better heat insulation will retain heat better. When an oven is retaining heat more efficiently, it requires less energy to stay at the set temperature. Ovens that are consistently losing heat burn more fuel keeping the oven at temperature. In a busy bakery, when the oven doors are constantly in use, an oven that does not efficiently retain heat will burn through a significant amount of energy. Empire Deck Ovens feature a well-insulted design and an increased thermal mass that allows the oven to retain heat better than traditional deck ovens.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is another important factor in energy efficiency. Empire deck ovens feature advanced temperature control systems with digital interfaces for precise temperature control. What does temperature control have to do with energy efficiency? Well, accurate temperature control allows you to set a precise temperature without wasting energy through overheating and unnecessary adjustments. Energy efficiency aside, having precise temperature control will also lead to a consistent and quality bake of your products.

Benefits of using an energy-efficient deck oven include:

Reduced Fuel Costs

The most significant benefit of using an energy-efficient oven is the reduced fuel costs. By conserving energy through its innovative features, for example, the vapor tube technology of our deck oven line, these ovens prove to be a wise financial investment. Being able to bake high-quality bread and save up to 75% on your gas bill is a game-changer.

Environmentally Friendly

The world has seen a shift towards sustainability and energy-efficient ovens align with eco-conscious focuses. By minimizing your bakery's energy consumption, you are reducing its carbon footprint and making it a better choice for the environment.

Consistency & Quality

Saving money and being more energy efficient is great, but you should never choose efficiency if it will sacrifice quality. Empire’s line of energy-efficient deck ovens are able to continue to bake artisan-quality breads with every bake while still keeping energy consumption at a minimum!

Long-Term Savings

Though the initial investment of a quality deck oven may be slightly higher than traditional ovens, the long-term savings advantages cannot be ignored. The money you save on fuel costs will offset the cost of the oven and then continue on to save you money year after year.

In conclusion, energy-efficient deck ovens have elevated baking to a new level, blending tradition with innovation. The money you will save on fuel costs is not only a financial benefit but takes steps towards a greener tomorrow. As bakery equipment continues to evolve, energy-efficient deck ovens like the ones at Empire stand as a shining example of how technological advancements can revolutionize an age-old craft.