The holiday season is a time of joy, togetherness, and of course, cookies. It seems like as soon as Fall hits, the demand for holiday cookies continues to grow until bakeries everywhere I scrambling to produce as many cookies as possible! Some bakeries may find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume required to keep up with demand. This is where cookie dough depositors come into play. These marvels of modern technology are designed to help streamline the cookie production process, making it faster, more efficient and less labor-intensive. Here are just some of the reasons bakeries should look to cookie machines for help during the holiday rush.

Speed & Efficiency

The most obvious and noticeable advantage of using a cookie depositor is the speed and efficiency they bring to your cookie production process. These machines can rapidly reduce the time it takes to mee demand. Cookie machines from Empire can produce up to 200 trays of cookies per hour with ease! Just imagine how long 200 trays would take you by hand. What used to take hours and hours can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time.


The success of your cookies, outside of how they taste of course, is how consistent they are. When customers like a product, they want the same product every time with little to no variances. When producing cookies with a cookie dough depositor, you are getting a uniform product time and time again, ensuring that each tray is just as perfect as the last. This is not physically possible when producing cookies by hand.


Cookie Depositors are not one-trick ponies. Whether you are looking to produce shortbread cookies, macarons, linzer cookies, chocolate or any other popular cookie, the machine can do it. Empire cookie depositors offer a variety of depositing styles like stationary drop, rotary drop and wire-cut cookies for virtually endless cookie possibilities. These machines also offer a variety of types of moulds that allow for different shapes and styles of cookies. Simply put, these machines can do just about every time of cookie, and do it efficiently.


Probably the most important factor to a busy baker, is the labor-saving qualities that a cookie depositor possesses. Instead of spending hours upon hours of rolling, cutting, shaping and piping your cookie dough, you can load up the hopper of a cookie depositor and let it do all the work. This level of automation gives you more free time to focus on other aspects of running a busy bakery or perfecting other recipes. Not to mention, having a cookie machine saves you money on labor costs and removes the need for hiring extra help come the holiday season! The holiday season is a big one for cookie production and meeting the demand for delicious cookies has never been easier thanks to cookie machines. Cookie dough depositors offer speed, consistency, versatility and labor savings. These machines are simply a must-have during the holiday rush and for all bakery production moving forward. As a baker, what’s better than saving time and making money? So, gear up for a productive holiday season, because ‘tis the season for cookies, and now is the time to start automating your cookie production.