Although a year and a half away, Empire has started getting ready for the industry’s most highly anticipated event, IBIE 2025.  With the expo on the horizon, Empire has started planning for what should be an eye-opening and exciting show. The booth space has already been selected and the location is prime! You will find Empire Bakery Equipment in the main West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at Booth #525. Even though planning has just begun, Empire has a clear vision on what customers can expect in September of 2025.

At IBIE 2025, Empire will look to feature its latest innovations in retail, wholesale and industrial bakery production. From state-of-the-art dough mixers and bakery ovens to precise dough dividers and sheeters, Empire’s lineup promises to change the way you think about bakery production. Attendees of the show should expect to see some new pieces of equipment that have been typically seen at prior shows as Empire looks to showcase some of their larger-scale equipment. From large overturnable mixers that can help feed a production line to dough production lines, Empire is breaking out the big guns this year!

Beyond showcasing its cutting-edge equipment, Empire Bakery Equipment is committed to delivering an immersive and engaging experience for expo attendees with the use of scheduled equipment demos. Through these live demonstrations, we aim to educate and inspire bakers to optimize their operations and unlock a new level of production and success in their facility. These demos will give attendees a first-hand look at how these machines operate and the level of quality they produce. As always, Empire will be baking off products for attendees to sample! Here is a sneak peek at what you can expect to see at Booth #525 at IBIE 2025:

Retail and Wholesale Dough Mixers – Empire is proud to offer an impressive and trusted line of dough mixers. From versatile planetary mixers of all sizes to spiral mixers that have taken the baking, bagel and pizza industries by storm, Empire mixers are a game-changer.

Deck Ovens and Rack Ovens – Empire offers an impressive line of bakery ovens and they will be on display at this year's bakery expo. You can expect to see Rack Ovens that provide an even and delicate bake of pastries and breads, to Deck Ovens that give perfect artisan bread results, as well as perfect pizza pies.

Dough Production Equipment – Empire continues to offer some of the most precise and efficient dough production equipment in the industry. Dough Dividers, dough rounders, dough sheeters and even dough production lines for industrial baking will be displayed at this year's show.

Cookie Depositors – As an industry leader in cookie machine solutions, you can expect to see our entire line of cookie depositors from tabletop options to larger wholesale cookie machines. These are demos you won’t want to miss as you’ll witness firsthand how easy and efficient your cookie production can be!

As we get closer to IBIE 2025 you can expect to hear more about what to expect from Empire, so stay tuned and keep checking with us for updates. For those attending the expo, a visit to Empire Bakery Equipment's booth promises to be a journey of discovery, inspiration, and endless possibilities. So be sure to come visit us at Booth #525 in the West Hall and see the latest innovations in bakery solutions live and in action!