As Christmas draw near, bakeries across the country will begin experiencing a holiday rush with orders for pies, breads, cookies and pastries coming in high numbers. Is your bakery ready to take on the extra orders? Whether you need a new oven, dough mixer or cookie depositor to help increase production, Empire Bakery Equipment has the equipment you need.

Holiday Pies

Pies are a favorite holiday dessert, but with dinner in the oven, many families don’t have the time – or space – to bake them. Everyone loves to have a variety of flavors at their table, and the top three pie choices are apple, pumpkin and cherry. As orders start coming in this holiday season, a revolving tray oven can save you space and energy, while a dough sheeter can make rolling and cutting pie crusts a breeze. With the proper equipment, your bakery will be able to get your orders out ahead, leaving you plenty of time to bake some extra pies for those busy individuals who ran out of time to make their own at home.

Breads and Pastries

From cranberry-orange bread to gingerbread men and cinnamon buns drizzled in icing, there are so many delicious confections to create this holiday season. My Recipes has put together a mouthwatering list of ideas that are sure to be a hit in your shop. These breads and pastries are perfect for customers looking for a hostess gift or a special treat to eat on Christmas morning. Start the baking process with a reliable dough mixer from Empire.  After all – great baking starts with a great mixer!

Empire Bakery Equipment has everything you need for a successful holiday season. Contact us online or by calling 1-800-878-4070 for help finding the right products for your bakery!