Memorial Day is a day to remember and honor those who have shown the highest act of patriotism by giving their life to protect the United States and the freedom of Americans. Whether you scale them for production in your bakery or are just looking to share with friends and family, show your patriotism through these delicious treats!


Red, White and Blue M&M Cookie Bars

What happens when you mix M&M’s and cookies together, two American favorites? You get delicious Red, White and Blue M&M Cookie Bars. These are easier to make than a regular cookie and depend on how you cut them, can make up to 3 bars! The red, white and blue M&M’s make this treat a patriotic delight!


Patriotic Cake in a Jar

This patriotic treat is tasty AND fun! There has been a recent trend with using mason jars in baking. The mason jar allows bakers to artistically display their creations, while also making it easier to prepare ahead of time and store them easily until ready to serve. This Patriotic Cake in a Jar will sure be a crowd pleaser this Memorial Day!


American Flag Donuts

Donuts are an American favorite. So, it is only fitting to turn delicious donuts into a circular representation of Old Glory! You’ll be the talk of the town when you stroll into your Memorial Day barbecue with a tray full of these treats. DONUT miss your chance on this tasty patriotic pastry and get the recipe here!


Red, White and Blue Cheesecake Bars

What could possibly make cheesecake better? How about coloring the cheesecake the glorious colors of the American Flag. The swirls of patriotic colors make this a fun dessert to share on Memorial Day this year. This complex looking treat is actually super easy to make in almost no time at all! Get started on these Red, White and Blue Cheesecake Bars today!


If you’re a baker looking to make delicious Memorial Day treats but your bakery struggles to keep up with the large scale demand, give Empire Bakery Equipment a call! Our equipment can help greatly improve production without sacrificing quality or consistency. From commercial deck ovens and rotating rack ovens to commercial dough mixers and cookie depositors, Empire has the tools you need to succeed!