This past year, we have learned a lot about the consumer market and the trends that are shaping up moving into the new year. It seems the market is becoming increasingly health-conscious, which has challenged bakers to adapt. However, adapting is not always an easy task, especially when the task is making baked treats healthier. Here are some of the predicted trends for 2020 so your bakery is prepared to adapt.

Superfood Infused Baked Goods

Coconut has always been popular in baking. Just like coconut, other superfoods are starting to make their way into bakeries and this trend should hit full stride in 2020. The only downside is superfoods can be a costly ingredient in your bakery. Being able to advertise that your bakery offers recipes that use acai berries, cacao, cauliflower and other superfoods will create a buzz and possible profit boost. With the higher price tag on superfoods, finding ways to cut costs is crucial! Investing in good bakery equipment can help save you money in multiple ways. One way is through your electric bill. Purchasing a high-quality electric oven can help you cut back on energy use considerably. Empire’s LFM-D Modular Electric Deck Oven boasts state-of-the-art heating elements that use as little as 11Kw of power even while producing steam. With a minimal footprint, this oven can not only help you save on your energy bill, but it requires less space than most deck ovens making it perfect for bakeries.

Coffee & Tea Infused Baked Goods

Coffee and tea have always been a popular consumer product. It has been the much-needed start to everyone’s day for as long as we can remember. But let’s be honest, the coffee and tea craze has been booming lately. We now have nitro coffee, craft beaneries, fancy coffee machines and all other types of coffee trends taking over. The coffee and tea craze is expected to hit the baking industry big time in 2020. Think of the business coffee or tea-infused pastries or breads could bring to your bakery. By adding these types of products to your menu, you will grab the attention of coffee-crazed masses which will hopefully lead to an increase in sales. When it comes to infusing a flavor like coffee or tea in your baked goods, mixing is the most important process. Optimally blending ingredients when mixing is what makes or breaks and infused products. Empire’s IRIS Spiral Arm Mixer offers a 2-speed spiral and bowl drive for precision mixing control and reversible bowl rotation to help facilitate ingredient blending.

Dark Chocolate

With the increase of health-conscious consumers and the studies on the adverse effects of refined sugar, dark chocolate is growing more and more in popularity. Most dieters will actually allow dark chocolate into their diets thanks to its many health benefits. Planning to use more dark chocolate in your recipes for 2020 could be valuable for your bakery as the consumer predictions point towards dark chocolate gaining even more popularity.

Hopefully getting ahead on what is forecasted to be popular in 2020 can bring more success and growth to your bakery this coming year. Good products are only possible with good ingredients and good bakery equipment. If you want to learn more about great quality bakery equipment, visit us at!