Looking to start a new bakery? Or maybe you are just looking to improve your existing bakery. Whether starting fresh or looking to grow, having the right equipment in your bakery will ensure that you are producing the highest quality products. Having reliable machines that are consistent, efficient and reliable will allow you to build a successful bakery and sustain that success for years to come. So what type of bakery equipment does a bakery need to be successful?

They say great baking starts with a great mixer. Having a quality mixer should be a staple in any bakery, and not just any old mixer either. You want to ensure your mixer will optimally blend your ingredients and develop your dough. Empire dough mixers are some of the most popular in the industry and for good reason. Our spiral mixers are available in a variety of sizes and produce the perfect end result with every mix. Perfect for bagel dough, pizza dough, artisan bread and more, Empire spiral dough mixers are reliable and versatile.

Now that you have a perfectly developed dough, it's time for dough production. Traditionally, bakers will manually divide, weigh and shape their finished doughs. However, with the ever-growing demand in the bakery industry and the advancement in food technology, an efficient and successful bakery needs dough production equipment. Don’t think this sounds like a need? Tell that to a baker that used to manually divide and round their dough with cramped and tired hands but then switched to a production machine. They will tell you that not only is it a labor saver, but it pays for itself in no time!

Empire offers a variety of dough production equipment that will help you speed up production without having to sacrifice quality. The equipment includes dough dividers, dough rounders and dough sheeters. These machines allow you to take the stress and labor out of dough production while saving money on labor costs and keeping the same quality product you would have if done by hand.

Finally, every good bakery needs a great oven. No matter what product you are producing and no matter how great the dough may be, the final bake is crucial. An oven is a final piece to putting together a successful bakery, and settling on just any oven can hinder your success. Empire offers a variety of ovens for different applications. From deck ovens for artisan bread, rack ovens and convection ovens for pastries and cookies and revolving ovens for bagels and pies, Empire has the highest quality options for your bakery.

For over 45 years, Empire has been helping to build better bakeries. We help to ensure our customer's success by filling their businesses with top-quality, efficient and reliable bakery equipment that is tried and proven. On top of that, commitment to continued customer support is paramount. Whether you need a new belt in the early hours of the morning or your oven is down, our courteous and knowledgeable bakery equipment service team is there to help you