Every baker knows, that a great oven is crucial to a successful bakery. Over the years, the Rack Oven has quickly become the oven of choice in a variety of supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries and bagel shops of all sizes. They are ideal for a wide range of baked goods including cookies, cakes, muffins, pastries, pan bread, artisan bread, bagels and so much more. The gentle and consistent heat allows bakers to get a high-quality finished product time and time again. So what makes the Rack Oven so invaluable, and why might you consider adding one to your bakery's equipment line-up? Here are some of the key advantages.

Product Flexibility

Flexibility is an important trait for bakeries. The ability to bake a variety of products is what helps your bakery appeal to a wider range of customers. A flexible oven rack oven not only allows you to bake your current products with consistency and quality, but it also allows you to extend your menu with more variety of products. A wide variety of sweet goods - cookies, cakes, pies, muffins, pastries, and croissants, to name just a few - are ideal for rack oven baking. The steam option in the rack oven allows you to bake products like bagels and breads while the gentle heat and rotating racks allow you to bake pastries and cookies. You can even use the rack oven for savory items like roasted meats and vegetables. The potential is almost endless!


Rack ovens use convection heat to bake. This means that they use low-velocity fans to distribute heat evenly from top to bottom throughout the baking chamber. The gentle heat mixed with the steady rotation of the rack ensures an even and consistent bake from front to back as well. Baking on a rack also has its advantages. When baking on a rack, all of the products in the oven are getting the same amount of heat for the same amount of time, eliminating the "first-in, first-out" effect whereby some products may sit in the oven longer as it waits for the baker's attention.

Ease of Use

Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology and design, our rack ovens are extremely easy to use and understand thanks to its programmable control panel. Programs can automatically control temperature, timing, steam generation and more. Bakers simply just need to load the oven and select a bake cycle, leaving them free to perform other tasks until the timer notifies them of the end of a cycle. The programmable controls allow you to operate multiple rack ovens at once if necessary. The loading and unloading of the ovens are easy to use as well due to the top hook lift and mechanical lifting devices present in our rack ovens.

Space Efficiency

We understand that not every bakery is capable of any oven as floor space can be limited. Luckily, Empire offers rack oven models, like the FOX Compact Single Rack Oven, that have a minimal footprint and can fit in most bakeries or restaurant kitchens. You get all of the power and consistent and quality baking of full-sized rack ovens at the convenience of a compact design.

With all of its features and efficient baking techniques, it's no wonder why so many bakeries, restaurants and bagel shops rely on rack ovens. With unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, and precision, these ovens stand as the backbone of a successful bakery operation. So it's time to elevate your baking experience, enhance productivity, and deliver consistently delightful results with every bake– because when it comes to choosing the heart of your bakery, the advantages of a rack oven truly rise above the rest.