It's not hard to convince a bakery to start automating their dough production processes. What baker wouldn't want to speed up production while saving money on labor costs while keeping up with product demand? Busy bakers know the value of production equipment, they may just need help being pointed in the right direction. With a plethora of options available, how do you select the perfect match for your bakery’s needs? That's where the industry experts at Empire come in. In this blog, we will guide you through the process of choosing the right dough production equipment that will help make your bakery a more efficient and successful one.

Understanding Your Bakery's Needs

Before you even consider browsing dough production equipment, you'll need to know what the specific needs your bakery has and all of its unique product requirements. Whether it's the volume needed to produce or the specific products you are looking to make daily, as well as the amount of space available in your bakery. These are all things to consider and keep in mind as you look to add a dough production machine to your bakery's arsenal.

The Great Divide

All bakers know the tedious, yet crucial, part of the baking process. Dough dividing. This time-consuming process consists of cutting and weighing dough over and over again in hopes of getting an equal piece every time to ensure product consistency. Any baker would be super appreciative of a machine that can automate this process, as it will save them tremendous amounts of time. For example, Empire Dough Dividers will give you perfectly consistent dough divisions at the touch of a button. Choosing the type of dough divider you will need however, simply comes down to the types of products you plan on making. Are you doing long loaf doughs like baguettes? Then you'll need a Rectangular Dough Divider. If you are doing buns and rolls, then you'd be better off with a Round Dough Divider. Maybe you do a variety of different products and a Grid-Ready Dough Divider will give you the option of multiple types of dough divisions by easily changing out the dividing grid. These are all things to consider when looking into automating your dough-dividing process.

Divide AND Round with Ease

Dividing is only half the battle for some bakers! Ask any baker at the end of the day how their hands feel and they will admit how tired their hands have become. Dividing and then rounding your dough can leave you fatigued and even worse, behind schedule on production. Some bakeries will have to spend money on hiring extra help to properly round each dough division. If you are one of the bakers that needs to hire extra help or who's hands are fatigued from all of that dough prep, then a dough divider and rounder would be a welcomed addition to your bakery. Empire's Dough Divider/Rounder allows bakers to perfectly and consistently divide and round dough at the touch of a button in seconds.

Rolling with the Sheeters

Dough sheeters and rollers, the unsung heroes of bakery production. Rolling out dough is a major pain in the rear end. It takes a good amount of work to roll out thick doughs such as croissant doughs, cookie doughs and pie crusts. Dough Sheeters take the hassle out of rolling out dough, ensuring consistency and precision with every batch. Whether you're crafting delicate pastries or hearty loaves of bread, investing in quality sheeters and rollers can streamline your production process and elevate your final products.

Perfect Rounding and Moulding

Consistency is key in the world of baking. Customers who love your products expect a certain product each time they visit your bakery. If the product is different every time, they are less likely to keep choosing it as their go-to item. When it comes to the shape of your loaves and the airiness of your crumb, you want make sure you are getting the perfect round and mould of your dough. Dough rounders and dough moulders will help automate the rounding and moulding process so that you can ensure perfectly consistent results each time. This not only saves you tons of time and energy, but it allows for that consistency that customers look for and love in your products.

In the world of bakery production, the right equipment can mean the difference between mediocrity and mastery. By understanding your bakery's unique needs and selecting the perfect mix of dough production equipment, you can streamline your operations, elevate your products, and delight customers with every bite. Whether you're a seasoned baker or just starting out, choosing the right equipment is the first step on the path to bakery greatness. So, divide, roll, and round your way to success, one perfect batch of dough at a time.