Rack Oven Comparison

Which Rack Oven
is Right for Me?



Which Rack Oven is Right for Me?

Choosing the perfect Rack Oven for your bakery is not always as easy as it sounds. What level of production does your bakery produce? Are you a retail location or do you produce at more of a wholesale level? How much space is available at your location?

These are all important questions to ask when you are looking to select a rack oven that's right for you. Luckily, Empire is here to help! With our selection of high-quality and reliable rack ovens at a great value, we are certain to have a system that will meet your every production need.

Please refer to the chart below to learn more about the rack ovens we have to offer. Click on the unit name at the top of the table to learn more about that oven.

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Single Rack Capacity



Double Rack Capacity


Compact Design For Inclusion in Small Spaces



Ideal for Retail Bakeries, Bagel Shops & Restaurants



Ideal for High-Volume Bakeries, Supermarkets & Wholesale Operations


Energy-Efficient Design


Available in Gas, Oil-Fired or Electric