We believe that perfectly crafted artisan bread is one of the world’s finest foods. We’re honored to work with so many talented chefs who share our vision of quality and commitment to integrity in artisan products. Baking artisan bread in particular is incredibly involved; the finished product can take hours, days, or even weeks to execute. We realize that not all bread is created equal and pride ourselves in being a leader in artisan bread equipment and education.

Empire’s Iris Spiral Mixers are perfect for any artisan bakery, bagel shop, or pizzeria!  Precision mixing controls provide high output, fast mixing times and maximum consistency. A coordinated 2-speed spiral and bowl rotation system provides optimal ingredient blending and dough development, and the front facing control panel makes it extremely easy to use – even in the tightest of spaces.

Empire’s SPA automatic dough rounder and divider is the perfect labor-saving addition to your bakery, pizzeria, cafe, or restaurant. Buns, rolls, pizza dough, even tortillas – just to name a few – can be divided and rounded quickly and consistently.

Empire’s Stone Hearth Commercial Deck Oven…artisan baking at its best! We are constantly striving to offer our customers the best of the best when it comes to ovens, and we have so many excellent options to choose from. In fact, we are proud of our Stone Hearth Deck Ovens, all of which will help you save in regards to fuel and maintenance, all the while allowing you to produce delicious, artisanal baked goods. They retain heat better than traditional ovens and maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the baking process is as simple as ever.

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From start to finish we’re here to support your quest for the perfect loaf and appreciate the passion that goes into each one. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a more experienced baker, we can help your business thrive. We’ve been supplying quality equipment to artisan bakers for over 40 years. We’re passionate about the future of artisan bread baking and your success. Ask us about our complete offerings from hand rolling to high capacity capabilities. http://www.empirebake.com/