Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the country. There are so many different varieties and styles of pizza from plain to pepperoni and NY style to Neapolitan style. There’s also a variety of types of pizza ovens and for a pizzeria, choosing the right one can save your business a ton of money. This blog will act a guide to show you just what type of pizza oven will provide you with the old-world bake of traditional ovens, but use a fraction of the fuel costs. Let’s take a look at everything you want in your oven, and how the right oven can save you precious bucks!

Traditional pizza ovens have long been associated with high energy consumption. In fact, most pizzeria owners just assume all pizza ovens are energy guzzlers and there’s no compatible alternative. Well, we are here to break some major news and tell you that energy-efficient pizza ovens exist, and they offer a promising solution that doesn’t compromise taste or quality.

When a pizzaiolo hears the words energy-efficient being associated with an oven, they often jump to the conclusion that that oven won’t get to the proper temperature needed to bake a pizza the way it should be baked. For centuries high temperatures are what allows pizza makers to make the perfect pizzas with melted cheese and a perfectly browned crust and bottom with the right amount of crunch. We are here to tell you that high temperature does not have to equal high energy consumption.

Empire’s Mastro Stone Deck Pizza Oven utilizes a single burner heating system and a vapor tube design to provide even, radiant heat throughout each oven deck. Traditional pizza ovens use multiple burners and the more burners there are, the more fuel is being consumed. The way the vapor tube system works is that water in pressurized tubes are heated by a single burner and turned to vapor. The vapor then circulates through the tubes and radiates its heat into the baking chamber. As the heat is transferred, the vapor becomes water and the process begins again. The vapor tube technology allows the oven to reach a high temperature and distribute heat evenly to the product zone for a perfectly baked pizza at low energy consumption.

The Mastro Pizza Oven is also designed with an increase in thermal mass so that the oven retains heat better. Keeping the desired temperature more efficiently also leads to less energy consumption. Add in the high-quality refractory baking surface and you have an oven that provides that old-world coal-fired style bake while using up to 75% less energy. That’s a game-changer and it’s the type of technology that most pizzeria owners are not aware of. Artisan bread bakers have been utilizing this technology for years, and now that pizza ovens are being made this way, you will start to notice a trend in the pizza industry that starts to focus attention on the energy-efficient pizza oven instead of the traditional gas guzzlers you see in shops today.

For more info, talk to the pizza professionals. Empire has been building better bakeries and pizzerias for over 45 years and has a staff of experts in the industry. One of those experts is our Pizza Consultant and 13x Pizza World Champion, Nino Coniglio of Coniglio’s in Morristown, NJ and Williamsburg Pizza in Brooklyn. Give us a call or visit our website to learn how our energy-efficient pizza ovens can save your pizzeria money.