There is no denying that the demand for baked goods has shifted during the months of COVID-19. People are keeping their kitchens stocked with breads and pastries, clearing out grocery store shelves and supporting their local bakeries by ordering delivery or curbside pickup. In some areas people are shopping bakeries more than ever before.

Bakeries are working their hardest to meet the current demand without having to increase labor and staff. Luckily, Empire Bakery Equipment offers a variety of equipment that will help bakeries beef up production while keeping labor costs low and space at a premium. Here are 5 pieces of equipment that can help increase production without having to sacrifice cost and bakery space.

Empire’s MiniTube Stone Hearth Deck Oven

When floor space is limited but you still wish to produce high-quality artisan bread and pastries at higher quantities per bake, the MiniTube Stone Hearth Deck Oven is a perfect choice. Despite its 51” x 78” dimensions, this state-of-the-art oven can produce up to 130 loaves of artisan bread per bake. The secret is in the advanced vapor tube technology that facilitates heat distribution and retention. Vapor tubes deliver heat evenly throughout the product zone, with no moving parts necessary to distribute the heat. This provides consistent quality from front to back, side to side and deck to deck. In addition, each deck has its own self-contained steam generator, so there is no need for a steam boiler. You’ll save on fuel, space and maintenance.

SQ Square Dough Divider

Another time-intensive and laborious process for bakers is dough dividing. Manually dividing dough can disrupt attempts at increased production in most bakeries. However, the SQ Square Dough Divider is the perfect labor-saving addition to your bakery. The SQ Series is available in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic with configurations of 10 to 120 divisions. The SQ divides a wide range of soft doughs, including ciabatta, rolls, batons and baguettes, making it a valuable time-saving tool for your bakery.


SPA Dough Divider/Rounder

Wouldn’t it be great to accurately divide and round dough in just moments? Well your bakery is capable of such a feat with the addition of an SPA Dough Divider/Rounder. Buns, rolls, pizza dough, even tortillas - just to name a few - can be divided and rounded quickly and consistently at a range of 1/2 oz - 9 1/8 oz. Cleaning and maintenance are a snap thanks to its easy-tilt aluminum cast head; and the 304 stainless-steel knives and food-safe polyethylene plates are designed to provide years of reliable, worry-free production. 

EASY Tabletop Reversible Dough Sheeter

Another tabletop unit, the EASY Reversible Dough Sheeter features a compact design and rugged construction that will ensure years of trouble-free performance. With an 11-14lb sheeting capacity, the EASY Sheeter will save bakers from having to manually sheet their dough, which could be an extremely time consuming and laborious process. With all of its benefits, it’s easy to see why an Empire Easy Table Top Dough Sheeter is the must-have tool for your bakery.

BabyDrop Maxx Cookie Depositor

Own one of the most versatile dropping machines available today in a compact, tabletop design. The BabyDrop Maxx features a 200-recipe memory capacity with an ability to produce 120 trays of high-quality and consistent cookies per hour.  Capable of producing stationary drop, rotary drop and wire-cut cookies, it’s ideal for a wide range of pastries, cookies, cakes and more!  This cookie machine is a game-changer for your bakery, helping you take production to the next level.

We understand the current circumstances can cause shifts in demand that may affect your business, and we are here to help! Empire Bakery Equipment wants to take all the stress away and allow your bakery to automate production efficiently and consistently without worrying about labor cost increases. Give us a call and ask how our equipment can work with your products today!