I believe the saying is “Go Big or Go Home”, and that is exactly what Empire intends to do come September 13th of next year. As the baking industry’s premier event that takes place every 3 years, Empire has had IBIE 2025 marked on their calendars upon returning home from IBIE 2024. Empire is gearing up for next years show with anticipation and excitement as they plan for their prominent space in the West Hall, Booth #525. With 2,400 square feet of booth space, Empire will be featuring its array of innovative and high-quality equipment from retail to wholesale and industrial offerings. Here is a sneak peek on what to expect from Empire at IBIE 2025.

Demos, demos, demos. We can talk about our machines until we are blue in the face, but its much better to let the machines do the talking. This year Empire will be scheduling machine demos throughout each day of the show. Keep an eye out on our social channels and website to see the complete list of what machines will be demoed and when.

Empire is a well-known industry leader in the retail bakery space. We will be showcasing our popular retail equipment that so many bakers rely on. This includes our IRIS Spiral Arm Mixer that provides bakers with optimal ingredient blending and dough development. The IRIS will also be demoed at the show so attendees can see first-hand, why the IRIS is one of the most popular mixers in the industry! The mixing doesn’t stop there! We will also be featuring our extremely versatile planetary mixers and our Removable Bowl Spiral Mixers and Tiltover Mixers for wholesale and industrial baking production.

If its ovens you’re interested in, then we’ve got you covered! Ovens will be well represented in Booth #525. From our Modular Electric Deck Oven to our Wholesale Tunnel Oven, we will be showcasing a variety of ovens for both retail and wholesale baking applications. Our Minitube and LFKR Stone Hearth Deck Ovens will be representing the artisan baking category while the LFR-2 Double Rack Oven will represent our rack oven baking solutions. Whether you bake artisan breads or flaky croissants, we have the ovens for the job and you’ll get to see them in person at IBIE 2025.

As always, our Cookie Depositors will be drawing the crowd as well. A perennial hit at IBIE, our cookie depositors will be wowing the crowds as they demonstrate how easy and efficient cookie production can be. We will be displaying a variety of cookie depositors like the BabyDrop Maxx tabletop cookie depositor for those with limited space and the Suprema and Maxidrop Cookie Depositors for retail and wholesale cookie production. We will have a demo unit in action showcasing the cookie machines versatility for attendees to see.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about our dough production equipment. The machines that save bakers precious time and money on labor costs will be at IBIE 2025. Our Dough Dividers, Dough Divider/Rounders and Dough Sheeters will be at Booth #525 for attendees to see and learn how easy it can be to produce perfect dough rounds in seconds or easily laminate dough at the touch of a button.

If you attended IBIE 2024 and made it over to the Empire booth, chances are you got to experience the magic that is the Roboqbo All-In-One Food Processing Machine. Risotto in 10 minutes, ganache in 6 minutes, custards and jams in 10 minutes. That is the power of the Roboqbo and it will be showcasing its innovative technology as it pumps out delicious samples of products in a fraction of the time it would normally take!

This year, Empire truly is going BIG. How big? Well, big enough to showcase some of our popular wholesale and industrial equipment. New to the Empire lineup at IBIE will be the Gravi-Line No-Stress Dough Processing Line. This line is capable of diving high hydration doughs of up to 95% hydration! It’s weighing conveyor belts provide precise accuracy when it comes to dividing the dough. The Gravi-Line also features two eccentric rounders that perfectly round the divided doughs without degassing or stressing the dough. The dough is then sent to a motorized belt for manual product picking where it can be moved along. This production line is one of a kind and a true innovation in the wholesale dough processing industry. There will also be a handful of other makeup and production lines for wholesale and industrial baking that will be on display at Booth #525 and we are excited to get to showcase them to all of those attending IBIE 205.

There is a lot to be excited about this show and Empire is must-see this year. Between the new innovations in our popular equipment and our IBIE debut of some larger wholesale equipment, be sure you swing by Empire Bakery Equipment Booth #525 and allow us to wow you!